Progress report for week 51

The DECS project report is complete and has been delivered for evaluation. The report can also be downloaded from the link below. I’ll also add some work units to the BOINC server soon, so that people can try it out.

If you happen to need software for plotting I highly recommend gnuplot. I also tried R for a few hours, but that is a chapter in my life I would rather forget. gnuplot lets me do exactly what I needed in a few simple steps, which is more than I can say about R. It might be because the documentation for gnuplot is so exellent or because there are so many good tutorials, but I managed to whip up a couple of graphs in no time at all. If you want some work done, and you want it done now then gnuplot is your friend.

BTW, this is probably the last DECS progress report as well. At least on this website. At least for now :)

Jan Magne,
Over and out

NOTE: This post has been imported from my old it’s learning ePortfolio DECS blog.


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