Progress report for week 50

A new draft of the report is complete. This time all the chapters are in place and all the “??” references has been eliminated.

The following is a list of modifications made to chapter 1 and 2:

  • Fixed typos and minor word and sentence bugs.
  • Moved first paragraph of Section 2.1 to Chapter 1.
  • Added reason for redifining ‘one’ to ‘non-zero’ (disambiguation) in second paragraph of Section 2.1.
  • Added reduced and identical matrix disambiguation in Section 2.1.
  • Fixed notation ambiguity at the end of Section 2.1.
  • Added a bit about backtracking in the third paragraph of Section 2.2.
  • DeKnuthified some of the content.
  • Added formal definition of exact cover to section 2.1. (Does it confuse more than it helps?)
  • Added some information and a couple of illustrations about n-queens to the introduction.
  • Added n-queens example with primary and secondary columns in Section 2.1.1. It also makes use of the formal exact cover definition.

Pluss the addition of the chapters about implementation, testing and simulation and the conclusion.

NOTE: This post has been imported from my old it’s learning ePortfolio DECS blog.


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