Project II in developing distributed services

This project contains the solution to three C# programming assignments (source code). Each assignment has one or more console applications and associated class libraries which contains the actual business logic.

  • Assignment 1: Modeling and programming the basic behaviour of a bottle. Filling, emptying and pouring the contents of one bottle into another. The console application is non-interactive.
  • Assignment 2: Programming some algorithms like bubble sort, linear search and binary search. The console application, which does some sorting and searching on some arrays of integers, is non-interactive.
  • Assignment 3: Program a poker and a dice game. Both of the console applications are interactive. In the dice game you bet a certain amount of money and if none of the four dices rolls a 1 you win. The poker game draws a hand of five cards, classifies it by how good it is and allows you to swap cards so that you can improve your hand.

NOTE: This post has been imported from my old it’s learning ePortfolio project blog.


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