Progress report for week 42

I’ve been working on the new modular approach and I’m in the process of fitting the pieces together. After that is done I’m going to be working more with BOINC to complete the parallelization stuff. I’ll also try to get one of those draft report out soon.

In the course “Developing Distributed Services” I modeled and simulated DECS with GPenSIM (a MATLAB Petri net tool), and the report can be found here. I’m thinking if maybe some of that might be interesting to include in the DECS report as well.

I looked into doing some cross compiling with gcc so that all the binaries could be compiled on the same machine. What you have to do is to build binutils, gcc and glibc for each target platform. It’s a bit of a stretch so currently I’m sticking with the slightly more cumbersome, but fully working method of just compiling the program on the platforms I need and manually copying the binaries to the BOINC server.

NOTE: This post has been imported from my old it’s learning ePortfolio DECS blog.


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