Progress report for week 40

Dell is dragging their feet so my laptop is still not operational. I’ve added configuration files for CMake, which is a cross-platform, open source make system. CMake successfully compiles all the DECS executables and libraries in Windows under MinGW by using CMake’s “MinGW Makefiles” generator. It also works without a hitch under Linux with the “Unix Makefiles” generator. I ran into some trouble trying to build DECS with the “Visual Studio 8 2005” and “NMake Makefiles” generators. For some unknown reason Visual C++ 2005 has decided not to generate the .lib files which are required to successfully link against libdlx and libnqdecs. Maybe creating the VC++ project files manually will cure the problem. After adding the CMake support I released DECS version 0.2 on Google Code.

I’ve downloaded the BOINC VMWare virtual machine and configured a local BOINC server with the uppercase sample application. I also downloaded the BOINC source code (including sample applications) and successfully compiled the sample applications for the i686-pc-linux-gnu, windows_intelx86 and windows_x86_64 platforms. Then I deployed the newly compiled application versions to the BOINC server and tested the one for windows_intelx86.

I encountered another strange problem with VC++ when I tried to compile the BOINC sample applications. Some “access denied” error kept showing up when VC++ tried to embed some manifest to the executables. It disappeared when I turned off manifest embedding. Later when I had successfully compiled all the sample applications I turned the manifest embedding back on and the problem was nowhere to be seen. Standard Microsoft logic I guess. Not that I care what the manifest thing does anyways.

I’ve also figured out a way to parallelize the Dancing Links algorithm, so implementing that will be the main focus from now on, along with writing on the report. The end result will be that the matrices being sent to the worker nodes will be smaller than the original matrix. This will require some changes to the file format and also a smart way to merge the results back together. Hopefully I’ll have a distributed computing sytem that actually works by the time the deadline rears its ugly head.

NOTE: This post has been imported from my old it’s learning ePortfolio DECS blog.


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