ePolio اثنين

In my previous post I shared a few of my complaints on the ePortfolio system.

I’m not done complaining yet.

Since my last post I’ve noticed that it’s problematic (read: impossible) to upload attachments in Firefox or Opera, but somehow IE always works. Seriously, it can’t be that hard to properly implement the upload feature that it had to be made IE only.

And also a ticking time bomb of sorts: Anonymous comments = gigantic spam magnet

Footlike notes

1 اثنين is Arabic for the number 2 according to translate.google.com, and also “Jan Magne” is apparently “Magnetic” if translated to Chinese and back into English. Magnificent!

Edit: Google “fixed” the translation so now it returns “January magne” although “Magnificent” will currently return “Majestic”. I enjoy to mess with those translation services.

NOTE: This post has been imported from my old it’s learning ePortfolio blog.


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