And so it begins

I, Myself & Irene. That just so happens to be a memorable movie, and a good start for this blog. At least now nobody can claim that I never mentioned a halfway comprehensible topic. For those who still aren’t satisfied, here you have another one: Peter Pan. Yes, now you know what I’m going on about here.

Really? I’m not making any sense you say? Well, what can you expect from this first post. I’m just setting the bar here so that I can raise it at a later time when I feel like it. Begone!

In case you didn’t leave I might as well comment on this whole ePortfolio service that those it’s learning people added in version 3.1. First of all it’s interesting and second, I can’t figure out how to edit the tagline for the site. It simply states “My ePortfolio” for the time being. I would much rather like to put something like “Incomprehensible and proud of it” or “Binary ate my dog”. Either way I’m probably better off not being able to change it. That way I can fill in all those crazy ideas here where nobody will ever read them.

There was supposed to be a criticism of Steve Gillmor’s blog here (notice how I intentionally left out the link), but I was afraid he might be offended by that. In short I don’t really understand what he is writing, and why he refuses to use links in his blogs. Well, I do recognize the words and all. At least most of the time, but still I can’t seem to be able to wrap my mind around what he’s really saying, or writing, or something. When another person (Joel Spolsky might not be just-some-other-person, but still) has to use three hours to translate his work from no-one-writes-like-that-around-here-anymore to sane English, then you know your time can be better spent on more important other matters.

Tune in for more comprehensible and sane posts in the future. If you’ve read this far you’ve passed the test. The test with a small ‘t’. Not that a small ‘t’ makes it any less significant that a big ‘T’. It just is, for all practical purposes.

It is.

At least so it was.

NOTE: This post has been imported from my old it’s learning ePortfolio blog.


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